Our Board

New Light Institute Board of Directors

Our Board

We would like to thank all of our past and present Board Members for your gifts of time and experience.

James Cobb – Board Chairman – Consumers Power

Brenda S. May – Board Vice-Chair – Clio School District (Retired)

James Mcloskey – Secretary – Tuscola County EDC

Karen Muska – Treasurer – Frankenmuth Credit Union

Greg Stanislawski – Trustee – Fishers Care Facility (Retired)

Jody Dean – Trustee – Millington Chamber of Commerce

Lynette Sayles – Trustee – Foster Parent Representative

Ted Schunn, II – Trustee –   Baker College

For being the first one it was wonderful! Kids all had a great time . Was wonderful having a safe environment that was kid friendly! Thank you to all the staff!
Mae B.

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